Monday, June 8, 2009

My own "library" collection!

Oh, powers that be, will you keep this 27 things site up longer than the official end date? I don't even care about the flash drive, I'd just love to get through these "thinks"! I enjoy them when I do them, I must admit!!

Here's my bookshelf:

Right now, it's titles I can remember that we've read in my book discussion group. What I really like is that I can tag these "Book Club Read", tag something else "On Shelf To Read" and another "Read & Recommend" etc., etc. So it's not dewey, and it's not even arranged topically, but arranged in a way that's useful to ME. I like that part!! I can actually see me going home and working my way through my bookshelves . . ..

Facebook also has a bookshelf & I've really lagged at keeping that up. This seems easier to get to and easier to use.

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  1. Carolyn:
    I tried the library thing and also the Facebook bookshelf, I'd like to keep it going, it seems really cool - but I find myself going back to my "physical" three-ring binder list of titles I've read - isn't that funny? Maybe I'm just old!