Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wordle was hardly a hurdle (it was fun!)

I'm such a word person that Wordle instantly captivated me. So no images of me on the cover of Cataloging for Dummies :-)

Instead, this Wordle about libraries and what treasures we are. See my play time below.
Wordle: Libraries are a treasure

I'll bet a lot of us could come up with lots more words than this to describe the treasures libraries are, but I gave myself a half-hour to "27 think" (yes I meant the k) today and my time's pretty much up.

What have I learned? I've gotten e-cards from friends with their faces on magazines, or with articles about them in the New York Times or whatever - now I know how they did it and one of these days I'll surprise them with one of my own. The Wordle showed me that this kind of tool can also be used to jazz up the library a little and find fun ways to toot our own horn.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Flicker Tale + Technology of the week post (6&7)

I used Flicker two years ago to post all my pictures from my trip to China. Several of us on "Bus 4" posted our pictures places where others of us could find and download them. Then my PC went haywire. Lucky for me I backed up my pictures on CD, but I've never been able to find them on Flicker since. "Bus 4" folks who downloaded them then deleted my email with info on how to access the pictures. So they're floating out there in cyberspace, named in a way I don't remember.

Object lesson - remember what you call things! Not that I've lost anything (I still have my pictures), but I'd have had fun pointing folks to them!

Loved the color wheel and the kinds of pictures (pick an earth tone and voila! there are pictures of sand dunes and old adobe buildings, etc.).

I went to the Digital Bookmobile on April 26. One feature of the vehicle was gadget alley where I played with a Sony Reader and now I'm convinced I want one. They're about $200 though, so I'm not picking one up tomorrow or anything! It was thin & lightweight, had black text on white background like a book, about as much text on a page as a paperback - on a trip, I could carry one of these with several books instead of loading my suitcase (I usually take several books when I travel & often end up buying another one or two at the airport on the way home). Let's hear it for the ability to travel light!!