Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wordle was hardly a hurdle (it was fun!)

I'm such a word person that Wordle instantly captivated me. So no images of me on the cover of Cataloging for Dummies :-)

Instead, this Wordle about libraries and what treasures we are. See my play time below.
Wordle: Libraries are a treasure

I'll bet a lot of us could come up with lots more words than this to describe the treasures libraries are, but I gave myself a half-hour to "27 think" (yes I meant the k) today and my time's pretty much up.

What have I learned? I've gotten e-cards from friends with their faces on magazines, or with articles about them in the New York Times or whatever - now I know how they did it and one of these days I'll surprise them with one of my own. The Wordle showed me that this kind of tool can also be used to jazz up the library a little and find fun ways to toot our own horn.



  1. I like wordle, too. It's fun to do one with things like your resume or a library's vision statement. That can be kind of revealing.

  2. Maybe it's a trick of the light or screen, or something, but on my laptop, your wordle seems to pop out in 3D! Cool!