Friday, April 24, 2009

Turnover Reports

I've been working on turnover reports most of April. I think I even do them in my sleep. What's exciting is that a picture is begininng to emerge of the positive impact of weeding. I'm done with the ITYPE report (formats), but that one doesn't tell the weeding story.

I've done the call-number breakdown report for about half the branches now and often the impact is so visible between the non-fiction areas that have been weeded and those not yet done (the adult 900 figures aren't too impressive, but we haven't weeded there yet).

It just shows that, if a customer can more easily find what they're looking for, they're more likely to check something out.

Just a happy Friday moment. The full report's another week away, but when you feel good about something, it's fun to share.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For those of you who use Title Tales

BWI is entering the blog world, too. Check it out -

It contains recommendations from their collection development librarians, interviews and more.

First Blog Finally!

Besides friends & family & life's basics, the two other best things in my life are books & cats.
Yes, I'm a reader. I love audio books when I'm in the car, painting a wall, or cleaning the garage but give me words on a page the rest of the time.

When 27 things started, the first suggestion was to read the 7 1/2 habits. Waiting to start until you have the end it mind can be paralyzing, though. More often, I thought I had the end in mind, but when I started I discovered I really didn't. I didn't let that deter me, at least not for long; instead I started re-thinking what was the end I had in mind.

I went to college 4 different times before I had the end in mind I was excited about - to get a Bachelor's Degree in something I was interested in. I dropped my ideas about getting a job (my first 2 years of college that led directly to two years at a job I didn't really like), to thinking I'd get a business degree (I have never felt so apethetic about something as I felt about accounting - sorry all you great folks in Finance!), to becoming a counselor (I was encouraged by the professor, and volunteered at a crisis center for a year but found it too personally draining), to, hey, I'm always reading about history, maybe I should get a degree in it! History, art history, economics - I loved it all.

On the surface, a BA in History is pretty much worth nothing. But I got what I wanted, the coveted Bachelor's degree and great grades to go with it because I was motivated by strong interest.

Later, that degree led to library school and the field where I belong. That was a scary "end in mind" because I had a good job that had nothing to do with libraries. I promised myself that this time I was making a commitment to change careers when I finished. I'm still amazed at how well that all worked out!

So, be stuck on "the end in mind" if it's working for you. If it isn't, stop, look around, and think about where it is you REALLY want to be.

Whew! I was worried about starting on this blog because when I start typing, I don't always know when to stop. So I'm stopping already!